London Wall Place  |  Citypoint  |  Principal Place
Jeroen Henneman
Two lamps have escaped from the desks of one of the many offices in the area.

In Two Lamps, Henneman has merged object and drawing. He makes spatial objects from drawings by placing them upright and ensuring that the air, and not the paper, is the carrier of the lines.

He sees beauty and even poetry in everyday objects that we might not even notice including a box, a pair of scissors, a stack of paper and a pencil. He takes them out of their context, brings them back to their essence, and it’s hard to look at them in the same way. Henneman’s artwork reminds us of the importance of something as simple as a desk lamp: it ensures that we can work, read a book, or play a game

About the artist

Jeroen Henneman (1942) is a visual artist who lives and works in Amsterdam. He studied at the Amsterdam Institute for Applied Arts Education and at the Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Antwerp.
Citypoint, Moorgate